Friday, March 28, 2008

This Week's American Idol Shows Why We Miss Asia'H

This week's edition of American Idol again illustrated well the reason why the judges might be right that this could be the season with the most talent, but it also shows why it could also be the most boring ever yet. When Asia'H Epperson was still around on the show, the bright and bubbly personality of the young part time waitress was enjoyable and certainly lovable, compared and in stark contrast to the almost boring personas from the other contestants. While David Cook certainly riled some with his perceived arrogance which could really be confidence, and Danny Noriega was quite the diva, the rest were so plain it bordered on supreme boredom. Kristy Lee Cook was great eye candy, but so dull and square that she made Asia'H look like a riot in comparison.

Ramiele Malubay was one dimensional in her trying so hard to be cute image, and Brooke White while talented and very very likable, was too... nice. Michael Johns was just so awkward that he often looked like a deer in the headlights. Basically the rest of the contestants were boring and hardly added any spark to the show.

While Asia'H Epperson was certainly not the most interesting contestant ever to appear on American Idol, her antics and bright smile, not to mention heart breaking story which was repeated in every video, was a welcome relief to anything the other contestants could put on stage. There were many fans who looked forward to her appearance each week on stage, and with recent news that she might just reappear again on American Idol in April, it was fantastic news for each and every Asia'H fan.

Christopher Hedges mentioned his list of top 5 personal favourites on American Idol to win the competition earlier earlier on but even he said that Asia'H is a great choice but unfortunately the fates have determined that the girl did not perform to expectations and was unluckily eliminated from the competition. One hopes that she will one day fulfill her potential and return with a big bang.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Asia'H Epperson Is Sizzling And Should Continue To Act

With her sparkling personality, Asia'H Epperson should continue her dreams of acting as well as singing. One of her previous interviews was about her little bit part role as an extra in a movie and how she actually ended up delighting the whole set with her antics as she fumbled her way and fell down. That is the great point about Asia'H as she certainly knows how to charm her way into people's hearts, intentionally or not. Certainly her time on American Idol had captured many viewers' attention and there was widespread disbelief when she got booted out of the show for having the least votes. I mean, who would not vote for her?

Perhaps the overplay on her dad's passing prior to the auditions had cost her, but Asia'H Epperson is a rare find and definitely a great talent. Not only can the girl sing, she can act really well (so was she acting the whole time on stage being giggly and bubbly), and she has the looks to complement it all. Asia'H Epperson is a complete package and if no agent tries to snap her up, I certainly would like to give it a try. With some weight loss, she could certainly rival Beyonce in looks and appeal, although she has to drop that curly hair because it really makes her look really weird with the huge mouth. Otherwise, Asia'H is certainly a big draw and should bank on her popularity at the moment to try cracking the mainstream market instead of going back to her waitressing or acting extra days.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Asia'H Epperson Leaves American Idol With A Piece Of My Heart

Not only did Asia'H Epperson leave the show with a piece of my heart, she also left us a piece of her heart with a song that bared her soul and bubbly self that even had Simon Cowell smittened. It was one of the best performances in American Idol history and if only she could sing like this every week it would have been plain sailing. Unfortunately, this was one of the few rare moments from Asia'H Epperson that shone through:

We'll all miss Asia'H Epperson on American Idol this season 7, but hopefully she returns quickly to the limelight - perhaps someone might sign her up on a recording contract or talk show or just something to feature her. Asia'H's hot, bubbly and likable, not to mention that smile of her is just dazzling.

Asia'H Epperson Now All By Herself

Asia'H Epperson once sang the hit song All By Myself on American Idol season 7 finals, and a song became a true life story as she is now all by herself outside the show after having been eliminated despite being an early favorite and contender. The young Joplin native and part time waitress sang with all her heart and it could be the reason why viewers finally listened to her and granted her a wish. Here's a clip of Asia'H Epperson belting out the song All By Myself:

Asia'H was good while she lasted as she was one of the better looking contestants and certainly had the talent to go with it. Unfortunately poor song choice and over the top dramatics trying to appeal to viewers with personal tragedies and cutesy antics got the better of her, although some might accuse Fox of banking on that angle to drum up interest in the show. Well, Asia'H Epperson, thanks for the memories and certainly you will not be forgotten in a hurry with this blog in your memory.

Asia'H Epperson No Longer On American Idol

The lovable and flighty Asia'H Epperson is no longer on America's favorite show, American Idol, but her elimination will long be remembered for being one of the most emotional and heartbreaking as the hopes of Asia'H to do her dad proud have been dashed after two terrible performances in a row which finally broke the camel's back and viewers had enough of her voice and sent her home. Asia'H was one of the most memorable contestants on American Idol but many viewers and fans accused her of taking advantage of the drama surrounding her entry to the competition to garner sympathy votes, when she could have made it far on her own with her voice and beauty.

Asia'H Epperson insisted on taking on the big songs like Whitney Houston's and paid the price for it after it only served to demonstrate the limited range and power in a voice that she thought was big enough to handle anything. The truth is she was never that good and it was apparent from the get go from the auditions. The girl from Joplin does not have great control over her vocals and often loses it, not to mention a lot of it was shouting when she should have taken advantage of the gravelly tones and sang nice slower songs.

Asia'H Epperson has since left the show and one wonders if she will return to her waitressing job which does explain her bubbly personality but it might not be the last you will see of her as voters will now decide who will return for a reunion show in April when contestants who have been voted out will make one more appearance and perhaps subject us to their terrible voices. Asia'H could be one of them and I am sure many of you cannot wait for that to happen. Or if you can't wait and miss her terribly, be sure to check out the Asia'H Epperson Myspace page which should now be back up online since her elimination from American Idol season 7 finals.