Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Asia'H Epperson Is The Missing Link On American Idol Season 7

Despite weeks having gone by since Asia'H Epperson left the show after being eliminated, and some strong performances by the remaining contestants this week, there is still the feeling that something is amiss from American Idol this season 7. No doubt there are great singers in the group, but many of them look almost scared to be performing and cannot seem to embrace the stage and audience like Asia'H used to do when she was still around. Witness Michael Johns - a great soul singer, but off the mike he looks almost petrified to say anything more than thank you and is so plain it's incredible. Even Syesha who used to debate with the judges, now keeps almost quiet with simple thank you's.

If Asia'H Epperson was still around, she would be flicking her hair, swinging her hips and flashing that big wide smile of hers and hold us in her charms. And she looks great in anything she wears, except for maybe her natural big curly hairstyle. Asia'H Epperson looked wonderful with her long straight hair wig and perhaps she should look into getting that as her permanent style. Even the contestant left who would probably win it, David Archeluta, is nothing but a shy boy and how far can that bring him?

David Cook might give Asia'H a run for her money but arrogance won't bring you that far unless you had something original. He finally tried to do something like that this week and gave some credit to bands and artistes whom he borrowed the arrangements of songs he sung in previous weeks, after being called out. Asia'H Epperson usually stuck to the originals and sang her heart out, but that might have been her mistake in doing so as she was often compared to the original singers, if a little bit unfairly.

If you compare Asia'H to Brooke White - yes both are really nice women. But Asia'H Epperson has her own charms and personality, while Brooke White is simply trying to be too nice it can quickly become too artificial, although I have no doubts that she's a truly great individual. But a little naughty can sometimes do you good, and Asia'H Epperson has that touch of mischieviousness that appeals to the young and old alike, and despite looking a bit flighty, hey, people like her are great fun to have around.