Monday, March 24, 2008

Asia'H Epperson Is Sizzling And Should Continue To Act

With her sparkling personality, Asia'H Epperson should continue her dreams of acting as well as singing. One of her previous interviews was about her little bit part role as an extra in a movie and how she actually ended up delighting the whole set with her antics as she fumbled her way and fell down. That is the great point about Asia'H as she certainly knows how to charm her way into people's hearts, intentionally or not. Certainly her time on American Idol had captured many viewers' attention and there was widespread disbelief when she got booted out of the show for having the least votes. I mean, who would not vote for her?

Perhaps the overplay on her dad's passing prior to the auditions had cost her, but Asia'H Epperson is a rare find and definitely a great talent. Not only can the girl sing, she can act really well (so was she acting the whole time on stage being giggly and bubbly), and she has the looks to complement it all. Asia'H Epperson is a complete package and if no agent tries to snap her up, I certainly would like to give it a try. With some weight loss, she could certainly rival Beyonce in looks and appeal, although she has to drop that curly hair because it really makes her look really weird with the huge mouth. Otherwise, Asia'H is certainly a big draw and should bank on her popularity at the moment to try cracking the mainstream market instead of going back to her waitressing or acting extra days.

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