Sunday, March 23, 2008

Asia'H Epperson Leaves American Idol With A Piece Of My Heart

Not only did Asia'H Epperson leave the show with a piece of my heart, she also left us a piece of her heart with a song that bared her soul and bubbly self that even had Simon Cowell smittened. It was one of the best performances in American Idol history and if only she could sing like this every week it would have been plain sailing. Unfortunately, this was one of the few rare moments from Asia'H Epperson that shone through:

We'll all miss Asia'H Epperson on American Idol this season 7, but hopefully she returns quickly to the limelight - perhaps someone might sign her up on a recording contract or talk show or just something to feature her. Asia'H's hot, bubbly and likable, not to mention that smile of her is just dazzling.

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