Sunday, March 23, 2008

Asia'H Epperson Now All By Herself

Asia'H Epperson once sang the hit song All By Myself on American Idol season 7 finals, and a song became a true life story as she is now all by herself outside the show after having been eliminated despite being an early favorite and contender. The young Joplin native and part time waitress sang with all her heart and it could be the reason why viewers finally listened to her and granted her a wish. Here's a clip of Asia'H Epperson belting out the song All By Myself:

Asia'H was good while she lasted as she was one of the better looking contestants and certainly had the talent to go with it. Unfortunately poor song choice and over the top dramatics trying to appeal to viewers with personal tragedies and cutesy antics got the better of her, although some might accuse Fox of banking on that angle to drum up interest in the show. Well, Asia'H Epperson, thanks for the memories and certainly you will not be forgotten in a hurry with this blog in your memory.

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